Not many can say they had two or more careers in their life time! Re PLICC a licensed AME/certification engineer with military Airforce training, a singer and spiritual teacher. She has completely diversified her profile. She has an electrical engineering diploma, a  business & management diploma from GIBS, a master in Airworthiness from ENAC and a TBS Aerospace MBA. She chose the subject of space regulations for her Ph.D.subject. Re Plicc is a soul singer with a captivating voice. Her sound & messages in song are based on soul, change, power, grace and ora that is approaching that of Aretha Franklin and “Mama Africa” Miriam Makeba. Re – as a spiritual guide/teacher/leader, she is an embodiment of human transformation she has found her niche in the global market.

Territory: Soul Music

Soul music is a music genre that touches all genres of music. It is a music genre that crosses over cultures and all generations. Re Plicc’s territory is soul music: the music that bridges a gap between religion and entertainment. It is a kind of music with the intensity of feeling and it’s called soul because it crosses blues, jazz, classic, gospel, pop, rock and roll, disco, rhythm&blues and spirituals.

A unique kind of music born in the United States Of America called “Soul”. Soul music has to be inspired of the moment; “it has to be led by the spirit not lead by technicality”. Soul Music is a music sound with a greater impact on popular music. The soul sound of Aretha Franklin.

Aretha Franklin once said, “music is a combination of feeling and sound”. Feeling is the voice and rhythmic lyric expression inside a melody and the sound is the other instruments giving rhythm melody and arrangement.

Inducted to the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2012, Franklin has been described as “the voice of the civil rights movement, the voice of black America” and a “symbol of black equality”. Asteroid 249516 Aretha was named in her honor in 2014.

Miriam Makeba “Mama Africa” once said, “music is what is going on around us; our pain and our joys. This is the music from the soul cries which helped us survive and conquer Apartheid”. Mama Africa taught us that one can not sing soul and still distant themselves from civil and human rights activism.


Re PLICC born 11 February 1977 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Re PLICC a self proclaimed (soi-disant) Africa’s Prophetess became actively involved in music and the Women’sRights movement in 2013 to found GWRM – Global Women Recognition Movement. Prior to this in 2012 she founded PLICC which is non profit organisation that is dedicated at transitioning people from the Pisces Age to Aquarius Age.

Re PLICC highlights the connection between the women’s rights movement of this age, to the time for the renaissance of the African continent and it’s people. “AFRICA is feminine”, says Re PLICC. The African continent as the mother of all life –  Re believes that, the restoration of Africa by all will benefit humanity of which will take us to the Golden age…and the time for that transformation is now. Re Plicc and Tatchomusic understand that music is a vehicle; they create and deliver songs with this core massage in that the listener may be transported to their soul in order for them to connect with their star. The force of many stars will birth forth the Golden Age which is the Aquarius Age.


 Early Life & Music

Re with a captivating voice, birth name Cebile MBOKAZI was born at the time of the great floods in 1977 February 11 at Empangeni/Richardsbay (Mthunzini District), in KwaZulu-Natal – South Africa. Her parents named her Cebile, a Zulu name, meaning treasure. Hidden was the treasure of a people in this woman.

An artistic & a curious mind; she always felt a strong calling, this pull caused her to continually search for something meaningful. In 2013 she changed her name to “Re” – meaning The Golden “Sun”.

As a child, Professor Khabi Vivian Mngoma, the African Musical Giant was one of the lecturers at the same university as her father at the time (The University Of Zululand), Prof. Mngoma provided musical lessons to the children of the lectures living inside the university campus. Re PLICC and her siblings attended violin classes, ballroom dancing ect. This was a region strong in classical and choral music. Re Plicc sang on school choirs from primary to high school. The musical artistic talents became more obvious as the MBOKAZI children performed as a group in churche and other public gatherings.

In February 2013, Re PLICC joined a pop rock band in Toulouse, France.

The band introduced Re into singing in French. The band composed and performed their own songs and this allowed Re the opportunity to improve her creativity.
Only in September 2014, Re PLICC decided to separate from the band to go solo.
In December 2015 Re Plicc moved to Paris, France when she met Tatchomusic her husband. Tatcho prepared Re from 2015 giving her vocal and music training transforming her from amateur to professional musician. Re collaborated with others in writing her songs, such it was for  “A Life Of Constant Longing” before partnering with Tatcho Music in creating the music company TP GOLD. TP Gold compositions is lead by the Spirit. Princess Re an embodiment of human transformation she has found her niche in the global music market.