Fees Structures

Fees and Pricing

TP GOLD is an entertainment and music production company that provides duet of piano & voice called, “Tatcho Music & Re”. We provide live concerts as a band as well, called “Abafokazi”; a trio, quartet, quintet and a large orchestra when needed.

TP GOLD provides a unique musical experience that captures entertainment and offers a specific elegant ambiance in any space, something which all people can absolutely enjoy. Our shows often last 4hrs max (with intervals). Our booking fees may vary. We are available weekdays and weekends.

Half price is payable before the shows depending on the terms and conditions pre arranged and agreed upon as per a specific agreement contract.


  1. Our pricing depends on whether the venue offer the instruments and PA system in house or TP GOLD provides their own system.
  2. Our pricing and fees depend on the duration of the show/s.
  3. Our pricing and fees also depend on the number of artists booked per show. E.G.TP GOLD’s standard (piano & voice) a duet. OrTP Gold’s trio, quartet, quintet and large orchestra live shows.
  4. Our pricing includes fees per artist/per hour.
  5. Our pricing include transportation charges.
  6. Our

Here’s how it works:


+ Transport charges (government fuel road rates apply)

-food charge (waived for venues who provide in house meal for artist)

– Standard fee for each artist charged per hour (calculated on the show price for “TP Gold duet” piano & voice).
– €4.99 indemnity fee per instrument waived for venues who provide in house instruments and a PA system)
= Total amount payable to TP Gold Artists

Standard Fee

Standard fee is calculated for the show price for “TP Gold duet” piano & voice for each artist which is a fee charged per hour. Whenever a full band is required or a trio, quartet, quintet and or a large orchestra, applicable rates as explained above are applicable including the indemnity fee per instrument.

The table above describes the standard fees and other charges & fees by category.

NB: “On specific occasions or particular situations or bookings whereby the standard fees do not apply; our prices are negotiated on the basis of above listed conditions, environmental, geographical or other.”